What you can do with samui paddleboard starboard center :

( Coconut lamai resort beach just behind macdo)
  • During your holidays learn and enjoy sup,windsurf, paddle board and Surfing.

  • You can rent a paddleboard and keep it , at your place.

    (we organise the delivery ...1000 thb a Day / 5 000 thb a week )
  • you can discover the samui beaches with paddleboard trip and downwind..

  • you can also try sup yoga:a fun way to practice yoga on paddleboard

  • New touring paddleBoards available with carbone paddle

    ( for expert...2500 thb a Day / 10 000 thb a week)

Coconut Beach Resort - lamai beach - just behind macdonald

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Contact us :

Windsurf - Paddleboard - Monofin - Sup Yoga
Lamai beach - lipanoi beach -Bang kao beach

Wilfrid: +66 (0) 804 098 079

Europeans windsurf and paddleboard diplomas

If we are on the water : send SMS or email

: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Rent a SUP paddleboard in samui and keep it with you

Rent a SUP paddleboard and keep it with you

During your holidays you can rent a sup paddle board and keep it a your resort or hotel. so you can enjoy and practice at your convenience... .

Like that with your sup you can go wherever you want

and enjoy paddling around koh samui

Free delivery over 3 days renting...

windsurf lessons in koh samui

Windsurf lessons for children-Adults all levels

Our trainer are experimented and professionals.

Usually windsurf lessons take place on :

lamai beach (Zara resort beach lamai)

or lipanoi beach ( lipalovely beach resort )

we can also organise windsurf lessons at your place...

windsurf lessons and sup trip in koh samui

Monofin swimming & sup among fishes in Koh Tan

Start from lamai beach , bang kao beach after 20 minutes boat to Koh tan island

You will swim like a dolphin among fishes

we can also do paddleboard over samui clear waters..

Additional Pick up available ...

windsurf lessons and sup trip in koh samui

SUP trip and windsurf lessons Lipanoi Beach

West coast of samui

A good way to visit this beatiful beach of samui
- another side of samui...outside touristics places of lamai and chaweng...

On place you can eat, drink, relax around the beach and the swimming pool of our partner lipanoi lovely resort beach

Additional Pick up available ...

sup trip in koh samui

Trip paddleboard in BangKao

North coast samui

Start from the beach , we organize 2 kinds of SUP trips


The 1 hour trip sup for beginner start by 15 minutes initiation , after a first step of 45 minutes following the beach we will stop and visit the pagoda south coast and when you decide we go back to have a drink


The 3 hours paddleboard trip only for advanced paddleboarder , we will follow an visit the south coast till tong krhut...

windsurf lessons and sup trip in koh samui

SUP trip and windsurf lesson at Lamai Beach

Est coast samui

A good way to visit this beatiful beach of samui
- one of the famous touristics places of samui...

on place you can eat drink relax around the beach and the swimming pool of our partner coconut resort beach

Additional Pick up available ...


Our center in thailand propose Stand Up Paddle Board yoga activities on the island of KOH SAMUI

Are you surprised by the popularity in yoga boarding ?

The benefits for practicing yoga boarding.

. It’s amazing for your health. Yoga is already known to be really good for your health. It reduces stress, strengthens, tones, and stretches your body and makes you feel amazing. It can transform your life. When you combine the yoga practice, with the natural elements of sunshine, water and fresh air, you get the added benefits that nature always provides. If you’re a nature lover, this is definitely for you!.

Advanced core strength on an unstable platform. When you take the practice of yoga out on a paddle board, you increase the challenge. You no longer have the grounded stillness of the earth to root down into, so you are forced to recruit your core stabilizer muscles. With that, you get a more challenging workout. The technique is a bit different then traditional yoga, and we have certain poses and sequences that flow better than others. But for the most part, you can do many of the same poses on a yoga board, and it just forces you to step up your game and get better, improve and advance your balance skills and tap into the root that is at the core of the earth, much farther below. Not to mention, you have to paddle in and out, and that in itself is a great core workout.

Learn to appreciate nature in a new way and break through any fears you have of deep water. I love to stand on a yoga board or be in a pose and look into the water to see fish, dolphins, whales or other sea life living beneath me. It is so awesome and exciting! I am a water lover from birth, so that helps. If you have a fear of ocean, water or sea life, this can also help you to break through your fears. You are safe, and they are below you doing their thing, and you have the protection of the board to keep you afloat. And when you are in many of the poses, you are looking at the blue sky! It is very uplifting to see the sky and birds above you, but it's better than beach yoga because you don’t end up covered in sand

It’s a great way to bond! I love to practice yoga boarding with my friends. It’s awesome alone, but even more magical when shared. I teach it, and they always love the experience. I took two friends from LA out on the water recently when they were visiting here in South Beach, and they said it felt like savasana the whole time. Just being on the water with the sunshine is so blissful and relaxing. For the best paddle board experience, practice if the water is calm. If there are waves, I don’t suggest beginners to go out.

Anyone can do it! I have taught everyone from toddlers to people over 70 to do yoga on the board. This is the amazing part about it. Unlike other board sports, it doesn’t really take much technical skill. With time and practice, you will get stronger and better to be able to do more advanced poses. If you can do a yoga pose on land, for the most part, you can eventually learn to do that on the board. It takes you out on the water, but requires much less equipment and training than other board sports. Unlike Kite boarding or kayaking, which require more equipment or are big and bulky, a yoga board is actually not to heavy and is relatively easy to transport.

with samui paddleboard You can initiate or improve your yoga sup.